Know Us Better

Aims & Objectives


At Wendy House School, we believe every child has the ability to learn and has the equal right to avail off the opportunity of education and access to the whole curriculum. We aim to provide every child a Progressive Learning the conducive environment in order to apply the theme of ‘Experiment, Explore and Excel’. The school-

  • is safe and secure, it is exciting, stimulating, challenging and relevant to the students.
  • develops the confidence and talent of each individual student.
  • fosters esteem, self-awareness and motivate learners.
  • promotes the quality of being resourceful, reflective and resilient, matched with appropriate behavior to suit the individual needs.
  • offers a wide range of activities that includes the requirement of National Curriculum as well. At Wendy House, we believe in giving greater autonomy to the students in all possible manners. By allowing the learners to have autonomy, choice and control, the school makes positive impact on their learning ability leading to enhanced self-esteem and appreciation and respect for their teachers and schoolmates. It not only gives a boost to their motivation and enthusiasm but also provides emotional stability and safety which helps them broaden their mental horizons. All out efforts are made to prepare the students for being a lifetime explores and bearers of innovative thought. Instead of teaching them what to think, we try to teach them how to think.