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Art & Crafts

Art is the best medium of self-expression. It brings about the harmonious development of a child’s personality.

Arts and Crafts for Kids

Arts and crafts are great way of self-expression for learners of all ages. Without a wide range of decorative and scientific arts along with crafts activities, we help the students to find lots of ideas for further exploration and feel inspired.

The intention of the Wendy House is to create a change in the mind-set of human beings and a change in the approach to live life. We emphasize on a child being be brought up without coercion, fear and external reward- punishment made. It is in such an environment replete with bountiful nature that human beings feel the essence of freedom that is being free from fear, excessive desire and ignorance.

Art and Craft program directly connects with creativity and innovation at an early stage of children’s development. The program is designed to build skills, develop competencies and provide necessary resources that support creative learning for our students. Most importantly, it gives children the chance to use their imagination.

Following programmes are executed at Wendy House:

  • Painting as participatory activity
  • Painting as subject for exams
  • Wood work
  • Sculptures – in stone, wood, ceramics, metal, paper etc
  • Thread work – big loom, small loom, embroidery, macramé etc
  • Paper – craft, paper mache, puppets etc