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Child Safety Measures

Child safety Measures

Wendy House School started off at very small level. Today the school has grown to become large and successful learning organization. The Wendy House School is the safe place for the children, staff and visitors. Most of the construction activities (if required) carried out during the holidays without disturbing the school academic schedules and has never been a hindrance to the movement of staff and students during the school hours in the school campus.

It is not enough to get children into school unless we make them learn. A concerted effort needs to be made to address the threats and barriers of learning to make both teachers and students participate in the teaching and learning processes provided by the school. With this in mind, all efforts have been made by the Management to provide them with a safe and friendly environment for teaching and learning. The measures introduced in the school, fully comply with Child Safety Guidelines published by the Nepal Government/Educational Boards.

In the School

    • All the teachers, students and parents of the school have been issued with individual ID cards. And have been requested to carry the same and display them all the time when they are within the school premises.
    • The mobile numbers of all the parents of the students are kept safe in the school office so that parents are contacted easily during an emergency.
    • CCTV cameras installed all over the school premises and continuously monitor the entire school activities.
    • All the three gates of the school are monitored by security guards who keep a track of persons entering and going out of school premises.
    • The concerned teachers and supervisors are present in the school grounds, library, classrooms, auditoriums and other such important places.
    • A suitable system has been devised and put in place to report any untoward incident that occurs within the campus of the school.

Child Safety Commitee

      • The Child Safety Committee has been constituted
        • To develop, promote and maintain a safe and healthy environment for teaching- learning activities.
        • to establish child safety measures in the school
        • To monitor the efficacy of various child safety measures which have been put in place and suggest ways and means for improving the same adopted by the school.
        • to record and investigate any event that occurs within the school campus that impinges on the safety of the staff and students of the school and suggest remedial measures to prevent the occurrence of such an event again.

Members of the WHS Child Safety Committee (2023-24)

  • Pratima Shah
  • Karuna Shrestha