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Digital Smart Classroom

We (Wendy House School) have Computer Aided Teaching and Learning activities conducted through Smart Class using Projector Screens with Smart Assessment System (SAS) in all the classes. SAS (MS Team) is the unique tool which instantly allows teachers to assess and evaluate the level of learning achieved by students. The system is designed for the students to answer Multiple Choice Questions in the classroom. Students answer the test appropriate methodology. The data pertaining to each child is stored and the application allows the teacher to generate a wide range of reports not only for the whole class but also for each individual student. The SAS benefits the students in the long run by increasing their speed and mental alertness during examinations.

Smart Class is a highly interactive one turning delivery of lessons into engrossing experience. In the Smart class teachers use digital resources such as animation clips, videos, diagrams, maps, graphs, working models, computer based simulations etc. Teaching the chosen topic in the smart classroom enables students to acquire a faster and a better understanding of the concepts being taught. Through the internet, teachers connect to information resources far beyond the physical confines of the classroom.