Know Us Better


Introduction to Wendy House

Wendy House School is a community based co-educational academic institution. It is dedicated to academic excellence and the holistic development of children. It was founded in 1992 A.D. Wendy House School has a long heritage of academic excellence, sporting prowess, artistic achievement and service to the community.

Since its establishment, it has been gaining titles and honors one by one and today we stand proudly as one of the leading institutions in the educational arena of Bishalnagar Kathmandu.

Curriculum Development Team

Curriculum is revised every year with regards to needs of the students, change in global trends as well as Government position on criteria of national examination.

Growth Plan

School has periodic growth plan ready as per the strategic planning and organizational development to encourage high level of academic and all-round development of students

On going Assesment

Focus is laid more on continuous assessment system rather than formal written examination to find out how well students have learnt.

Quality and Value for Students

Compassion: The value that helps understands the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it.

Courage: The value of overcoming fear posed by others when using new ideas and approaches.

Clarity: The value of being positive, powerful and meaningful though spoken and written words.

Community Service: The value of realization that human happiness lies in building positive relationships with others.


Wendy House School is Higher- Secondary School Founded by Chirperson Lalita Prasai in 1992 AD. It was initially launched as a pre- primary school but over the years has progressively advanced to become the High school.


Education to us is more than just complying with set standards , it is about setting up right environment for nurturing  children’ s ideas and constitute their experiences for coming at their definite conclusion. These approaches of education have influenced our vision and mission to create a strong foundation of Wendy House School for our students.

Quality and Value for Students


A step towards Progressive Education which emphasizes
 Students –centered learning, reflection and research.


  • Maintain a Growth –Play Teamthat encourages lifelong learning and nurture to develop responsible individuals.
  • Create an independent School Curriculumbased on interests, learning ability and needs of students.
    Focus on providing in-house trainings and Professional Developments Programs for teachers.