Message From Principal

Message From Principal


I welcome all of you to Wendy House School. Our school is committed to provide access to quality education for our children. It aims at providing the quality of teaching and learning environment through vigorous teacher training sessions and child development programmes.

We have growth plan team that comprises of members who are highly experienced and comprehensively conversant with both application and exposure of progressive education and curriculum development. We are aware that new concept about student learning and development are being introduced in the educational sector frequently and we need to keep our school abreast with them in order to meet the needs of our students. Hence, our school’s reform model keeps getting updated in accordance with international trends in education to strengthen the overall performance of students. I strongly believe in working with close collaboration of parents and seek their support to bring out the best in our children. We intent to raise a new generation of students who are fully equipped to deal with the challenges of the globe world.



Mr. Binod Kumar Pathak