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Our Curriculum

The curriculum team at Wendy house is careful with selecting suitable learning areas for effective students development.

At the same time it also understands how important S.E.E and D.L.C are to meet the national syllabus standards as will.

Wendy House provides a system of instruction based no modern methods that inculcate values required to face the challenges of the new time.

The classroom instructions are such that guides students to be creative, analytical, and logical.

Teacher in the school take role as facilitators of learning in addition to imparting knowledge uniformly to all children. They ensure that the ethos of the school is conveyed to each and very students.
The helps to develop the potential of individual students according to his/her needs and abilities.The curriculum Of the school is designed to ensure holistic development of the students through hands on activities, project
based learning and field trips of our daily curriculum. We put emphasis on activities that vhormonize body and mind to help create a fit students.

Promotion is based on the performance of the whole year.

There are there vacations, Academic year end (April) Deshain and the winter break besides other public holiday.

Student developments programs are activity based and structured with more of storytelling and conversational method.

Class teacher have a complete flexibility of

opration within the framework of curriculum.

The aim of Teaching and Learning in class 10 is to prepare for the National Examination S.E.E Hence our team of senior teachers come from subject specialized background with at least five years of teaching experience in
their specific subject. The team strategically plans to integrate the government syllabus with the recent teaching techniques of global education.

GENERAL ASSESSMENT: On Going Assessment is taken as an integral part.

  • Focus is laid more on Continuous Assessment System rather than formal written examination to find out whether the students have achieved the expected learning outcome or not.
  • Behavioral change in students is assessed through observation.
  • Teaching learning process go until and unless the expected learning outcomes are achieved or behavioral changes have taken place in the student.
  • It is equally important to identify students’ strength as well as difficulty to ensure effective calssroom learning.